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Koh Phangan Hotel


Sunset at Thongsala
Thongsala Pier

THONGSALA TOWN is the main town of the island. Beside all the business and government offices, you can still enjoy the scenery of sunset, see the fishermen loading fishes and crabs from their boats, and taste home-made food and fresh seafood from the local market.


Demon at Wat Nai
Demon Stucco at Wat Nai
Coconut Warehouse

About 4 km. from Thongsala is a fishing village called BAN TAI. On the opposite side of the beach, mountains of COCONUTS are prepared. You can see how the village peel and dry the coconuts for export. Next to the coconut place is a trail up to WAT KOW THAM, the meditation place on top of Kow Haeng Hill, where people from all over the world come to do the 10 days Meditation Retreat every month. With shady, serene atmosphere, the place is ideal for serenity searchers. From here, you can get a sight of the island's mountainous scenery.

WAT NAI, the 400 years old stupas, located in Ban Nua (near Ban Tai Village) about 4 km from Thongsala Town on the road to Haad Rin. This old structure was built in Srivichaiya Architecture (9-13th century).

From Wat Nai, a small dirt road will lead you to join the road to Thong Nai Pan Beach. At the transaction stands PHANGAN BIGGEST TREE , a giant Rubber Tree with 14 meters around.

Back to the main road,a beautiful THAI HOUSE is located about 1.5 km from Ban Tai and BAN KAI BAY is another place you can relax and enjoy sunset.


Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin,
The Goddess of Mercy
PHANG WATERFALL FOREST PARK was declared forest park in 1977. The Waterfall cascades vigorously downstream between forested shady banks. It is a good site for people who enjoy hiking.

KUAN YIN SHRINE the beautiful Chinese temple at the mountain viewpoint overlooking Chaloklum Bay, has ornate decorations and a statue of Kuan-Yin, the Goddess of Mercy is housed in the highest building.

CHALOKLUM FISHING VILLAGE has long been a famous spot for fishermen from all over the Gulf of Thailand. When the weather is fine with some 80-100 boats mooring in the bay, Chaloklum Fishing Village becomes alive with local products including delicious dried squids put on sale.


Than Sadet Beach Than Sadet Beach
About halfway up the road from Ban Tai Village to Thong Nai Pan Beach there's turn-off heading east at Thong Nang Village. This trail follows a river along which you'll see a series of waterfalls collectively known as Than Sadet Waterfall.

Than Sadet is a historical site due to frequent visits there between 1888 and 1909 by Siam's great King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, whose initials are engraved on many big boulders along this rocky river. King Rama VII also left his initials on some stones there in 1926 and 1930, and more recently, in 1962 the current reigning monarch King Bhumipol Aduldej (Rama IX) followed his illustrious predecessor's footsteps and engraved his own initials on a stone.

The water from Than Sadet was one of the sacred water sources for the blessing water in King Vachiravuj (Rama VI) and the present King coronation ceremonies.

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