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Koh Phangan Hotel

Reader Stories:
Luke 14th Aug 84 to 23rd April 04


My son, Luke, came to your island in April 2004 to fulfill a dream and he was drowned in a lake on the island on 23rd April 2004 he was sober and he did not take drugs he was bright hansome and beloved to me and all his family.

I dont want him to be forgotten.

There is a Spirit House beside the Lake in his memory when anyone we know goes there they tidy it up and sort it out for us. If you go to the lake remember my son Luke he loved the island and he lost his life there.

He will never  be forgotten. He was only 19years old ready to study LAw on his return after a Gap year it all ended on the island of dreams.

Remember there is danger in paradise take care and make sure you return to your family who love you

written by Mae



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