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Reader Stories:
Meeting My Future Wife at the Full Moon Party.


I met my future wife on the stunningly beautiful island of Koh Pha Ngan almost 10 years ago. We had both arrived on the island for the Full Moon Party and we met on a dive boat in the afternoon before the beach party kicked off.

We had a fantastic night together talking and dancing until dawn on the beach which was lit with bonfires and populated by around 8,000 travellers - a relatively small Full Moon Party. All the beach bars had great dance music blasting out full blast and you could move between them as your mood changed. I still have paint stained clothes from when someone sprayed one dance floor with florescent green paint, which was hysterically funny at the time and now serves as a reminder of that night, as the paint turned out to be permanent.

As she was Danish and I was English, both of us thought it was just another holiday fling, but after she left the island after a few days, it was clear to both of us that we were missing each other. We got back in touch using the new Hotmail service, which we had both recently signed up for and which was still in its infancy - without it we would have had no means of getting back in touch as we were both on the road for months.

Ironically, as it was a website (hotmail) that brought us together - I now run a website called which is a new wiki project to connect the world.

We got back together after a couple of painful weeks apart and then travelled through Malaysia and Indonesia together for another 6 weeks. She then went on to Australia and I went back to the UK to work. After 3 further years of a long distance relationship when she was studying law at Arhus University in Denmark, she joined me in the UK and we finally got married in 2006.

Without the Full Moon Party pulling us together, we would never have met and never have married. Both of us love Thailand and its people, so we'll definately come back to Haad Rin beach, but I'm not sure if we'll still be able to dance until dawn...

written by Ben Leefield



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