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Koh Phangan Hotel

The other side of Koh Phangan


Many people might come to Koh Phangan to join the famous full moon party, but not everyone. Each year, there are more and more people coming here to learn, to search for the truth of life, to be healthy and to live with nature.

Wat Kow Tham, the Buddhist temple on top of the hill at Ban Tai Village is the place that attracts people who are learning about life and Buddhism is their way. Steve and Rosemarry Weissman, the teachers, have been teaching Buddhism and meditation at this Wat for many years. They have had students from all over the world do their 10 days retreat every month since 1988. And now Wat Kow Tham is one of the most famous meditation centres in Thailand.

The retreats taught by Steve & Rosemary have as their basis many of the rich and skillful meditation techniques taught within Theravadin Buddhism, which help to develop the faculty of analytical investigation into the deeper truths and laws governing the body and mind.

Other than Wat Kow Tham, religious, mental and health educations are taught in more places on Koh Phangan. There are instructors who make a trip here to teach Taoism, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Healing Courses and more. The Sanctuary on Haad Tien Beach arranges Healing Courses and NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) by Nikhil Bruno, the instructor who is certificated Master Practioner in NLP. Sundance, a holistic fitness program combining Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Chi Kung is taught and practised at Blue Hill Bungalow, 15 minutes walk before Haad Rin (sunset side).

Besides the education the travellers will get, Koh Phangan is a perfect place to practise all different kinds of lessons. Beaches are quiet with peaceful nature. The fresh air and breezes make a healthy for relaxing your mind.

So this island offers many choices, you may wish to stay a long time to sample many of these ways of expanding yourself...



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