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Koh Phangan Hotel

Poems: Long Tailed Boat


One of the places on my list
While on my journey to the east
Was Koh Phangan an island gem
A place to pause from traveling
But nobody had cared to mention
Longtail boats with noisy engines

The ilse looked tranquil and serene
A haven in peace of emerald green
Bright sun blue seas and dazzling beaches
A paradise set from story pages
But somebody has yet to mention
Longtail boats with noisy engines

Why do they do it what's the attraction
From the engines removing noise reduction
Why force us to listen and make us suffer
Paradise peace lost by thoughtless actions
Someone should say or someone mention
We don't want to listen to noisy engines

Think I'll move on and search around
Some peace and tranquility to be found
Koh Tao Phuket or across to Samui
The choices are there just for the moving
There must be some place in this nation
Has longtail boats with quiet engines

written by Mandy Yearly



(c) 1997-2015
reproduction without permission prohibited.