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Koh Phangan Hotel

Poems: Limbo


I have visited the waiting room,
sat down,
walked around,
starred out the glass windows.

Limbo is waiting time
yet another waiting space.

Uncertainity breeds strange dreams.
I wonder what is beyond the bend in the road?
But I don not yet have enough energy to see for myself.
I'm waiting for what i'm not quite sure.

Maybe I have stopped for a rest?
Then no need to worry
May I make the nost of resting place

Everything happens in its own time
I only hurt myself by dreaming and wishing for
what I do not yet have.

All I have is this.

May I learn to rest,
even when I feel unsure.

May I make peace with this
feeling of uncertainity

Waiting time,
the place between what was and what maybe
A space of uncertainity..

written by Kate Armstrong



(c) 1997-2015
reproduction without permission prohibited.