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Koh Phangan Hotel

Traveller's Myth:
Death by Coconut


Death by coconut is a favorite story amongst travelers to Koh Phangan. Many people believe that falling coconuts are the leading cause of death and injury here. The truth be told, the coconut trees are much more dangerous than the coconuts. Many a drunken person, traveling home late at night on his motorcycle, has been accosted by these trees. There is a loud rustling sound coming from the tree just as the tree prepares to jump out right in front of the oncoming bike.

Really, the most danger from a falling coconut is faced by those men who use long bamboo poles with a hook on the end to pull the coconuts off the tree. The danger comes when more than one coconut comes off the tree at one time and the man cannot judge where they will all fall or hit when they bounce.

If you are worried about falling coconuts, there are few safety tips to follow. Do not walkdirectly under a coconut tree during a strong wind storm. If you hear a rustling sound coming from the top of the tree, run. This is the sound of the coconut or its branch breaking odd from the tree. If it's any Comfort, ask any Thai person and you will find that no one has ever heard of someone dying from a falling stray coconut.

written by Shana Kongman



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