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Koh Phangan Hotel

Poems: The Coconut Tree


Since I was a baby
I've lived on the beach
The cool blue waves
The coconuts I couldn't reach

But the day had come
I climbed up a ladder
I reached for a coconut
Out came a death adder

I climbed down the ladder
Could anything be worse?
When I touched the cold sand
I summoned a curse

"Oh no" I screamed
as the sky turned  grey
I looked over the cliff
At the cold stormy bay

I wished out loud
"This isn't fair!"
The rain on my face
Does anyone care?

But to my surprise
The storm blew away
Out came the sun
To brighten my day

I looked at the bay
It was dead flat
Dolphins were leaping
So tempting to pat

I took a deep breath
I'm glad to say
That I'll climb that tree
Some other day

written by Lauren Dudfield



(c) 1997-2015
reproduction without permission prohibited.