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Koh Phangan Hotel

Poems: Beach Crab Blues


One eye from under cover
One leg out then another
Let's see what the days got cooking
A new chick maybe that's good looking

The sun is high but the tide is low
A whole new day way to go
Down to the surf to catch some dinner
The diets good but musn't get thinner

Along the beach what do I see
A foxy lady just like me
Chasing the surf for her dinner
In love again or something similar

Truly yes she is a vision
My temperature already risen
8 racey legs so appealing
If I could jump I'd hit a ceiling

I think I'll side'le over
Give her chat and get her number
We can chase the surf together
A life like that could last forever

What's that stomping sound I hear
More more tourists every year
Bare feet stomping on the ground
Crush my house and knock it down

What a fickle thing is fate
Always happens when I date
Instead of making 8 legs thrashing
I'm stuck at home building bashing

Rebuilding house instead of dating
Give me strength I wanabee mating
But I can't go till the work is done
A beach crabs life ain't always fun

written by Mandy Yearly



(c) 1997-2015
reproduction without permission prohibited.